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A Review Of 3 Different Tea Samples From Teatrition.com

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Tea Is Tasty, Energizing, Healthy, and Healing


I have had the pleasure recently to come across and start a relationship with a wonderful online based tea company out of Bangor, Maine USA, Teatrition.   The owners sister is the biggest fan of the company and actively promotes on social media and sharing groups throughout the blogging community.  I just happened across one of her outreach posts looking for people who love tea and wanted to offer sincere and enthusiastic collaboration.  They sent 3 samples of select teas out of their online catalog and, being the person I am who really does LOVE tea, was super excited to try them.

teatrition teas

Honestly,  I was a bit wary of drinking something that came to me from some random stranger on the internet lol.  I mean, I try not to be THAT person usually but in this day and age, it’s important to listen to that inner freak out now and again.  I’ve always been taught to go with my gut, my instinct if you will.  If something seems too good to be true, it is.  If something seems sketchy… it is.  To determine legit intuition from irrational anxiety can be a bit difficult sometimes, but I am a betting woman and I like to be adventurous so…

Checking out the Teatrition company website… the company looked legit, and actually seemed really nicely put together and very professional.  I browsed through the site a bit, read some reviews, FAQs, and blogs.  I wasn’t too worried anymore after realizing the people behind Teatrition love tea as much as me.  Actually, who am I kidding, they love tea even more.

Anywho, I received the package in the mail and opened it unsure of what to expect… but, was pleasantly surprised.  The packages were nice and professional looking.  Each packet was sealed, requiring that it be torn open to reach the goods.  There was a sticker on the front included instructions on brewing and description of the tea (a Teatrition logo on the back).


I LoveTea!

black tea, green tea, spiced tea, tea that tastes like dirt, tea that tastes like fruit…

now, a little backstory and context

I didn’t really get into tea until after I went to China the first time back in 2007.  Once I started learning more about Asian history, culture, learning about health and focusing on wellness; I hadn’t really ever thought about it much.

I remember my grandpa drinking Lipton iced tea when I was super little and I went through a phase where if he ate/drank it, I wanted to too.  When I got older, I remember the fashionable thing in high school was to go to Mccalister’s Deli and have one of those GIANT cups of tea in hand all the time.  It was like the rite of passage for the cool/popular kids.  I never really did that then ’cause I for some ungodly reason didn’t LIKE tea. Glad I got over that, phew.  Today, when I DO get a Mccalister’s tea… I instantly associate tea in my mind as “hey – I’m a cool kid now” lol.

Speaking on that…

I didn’t start drinking plain black tea until AFTER we got our first legit (in my eyes) bubble tea place in my hometown (like two years ago).  Chatime, which is a Taiwanese based company, has the BEST bubble tea.  I was already familiar with bubble tea because of my deep obsession interest and longtime study of Asia and everything about it.  My favorite thing at ChaTime is just the plain old pearl milk tea.  Sometimes in China, they call this a panda tea (cause it’s black pearls in a white drink).  Pearl Milk Tea is essentially black tea with milk/sugar and tapioca pearls.  When I go through “I need to stop eating sugar and being fat” phases, I opt into just plain black iced tea.  Honestly… it tastes just the same anyway.  With the plain, unsweet, Iced black tea you don’t get all the extra fatty add in’s.  Ok yea… I know, it’s NOT the same, but its close enough when you crave that flavor.

Fast forward…

In the 2000’s tea sort of became a fad.  Stores like Teavana, David’s Tea, and now Starbuck’s Teas (same as Teavana) are hot on the list of all the “cool kids”.  I love going into a Teavana though…  A) It smells freaking tasty as sh*t in there, B)they give out free samples, 3)they have super awesome and fun designed tea tumblers/mugs, and E) they stock all the necessary and unnecessary tea accessories you could possibly want.  Aside from that though, those employees will stand at that door and beckon you in, follow you around trying to sell you all the things, and will take that container and lid off the wall and wave that tantalizing aroma in your face for every single flavor they have if you want to waste a whole day.

But, those chain stores are so DARNED expensive (and the employees are kind of annoyingly pushy – if you haven’t caught on to my facetious tone yet).   The loose tea revolution is here and as people start to focus more on health, and as globalization influences our increasingly deep melting pot of a culture… “Fancy” Tea is here to stay.   I WOULDN’T even call it a fad anymore.

What sort of tea do I prefer?

My all-time favorite tea, that I will drink every.single.day is Japanese Matcha Green Tea.  I usually buy Matcha in a refrigerated container from my Japanese grocery store.  Matcha typically lasts awhile, and I use (my cool kids only) Teavana tumbler I got for Christmas to make it.  Fruit teas are “meh” to me.  I like my tea to taste strong, and like dirt lol.  People think I am crazy but hey, they might not be wrong.

Extra benefit?  Tea is made of… get this…water.  Aside from the added benefit from the infusion of the healthy properties found in tea, I am getting more water into my day in the tastiest easy way. #win #healthy #ilovetea

teatrition banner


What I like about Teatrition

Perusing through the website, I get a sense that the founder of Teatrition is truly passionate about, and really does love tea.  I am a tea “person” myself.  The website not only focuses on sales of their tea blends, but also educates it’s drinkers about health benefits of drinking tea.  Tea is such a benefit to health, and many cultures around the world have known this for centuries.  Teatrition website focuses on tea culture too, and I LOVE that about them (tea ceremony and tea culture around the world – right up my alley).  The Teatrition brand is catering to another passion of mine (travel and culture), so their just drawing me in and making me feel more and more good about who they are.


Drinking the tea:

I actually put off drinking the tea for about a week because for one, I didn’t realize that they were tea bags until I opened the individual packages this morning; previously thinking I would have to use one of my tea steepers.  Also, I wanted to do it during the day while it was light out (so I could take pictures).  And lastly, I wanted to drink them all in one day, but not all in the same sitting.  Hence, today… I woke up and tried the breakfast blend in the morning.   During Lunch: the chai mate.  For dessert: the gingerbread cookie.

teatrition teas
These samples are in little tea bags… However, I believe that when purchasing tea from the company you actually will receive it in a loose format, therefore needing steepware, or to buy the little baggies.



Bangor Breakfast Tea Blend

A Black Tea With A Chocolate Essence

Upon opening the package for the black breakfast tea… I smelled chocolate.  MMMM, it smelled SO good!  I was actually planning to have the gingerbread first, in the morning, but once I opened this one I changed my mind and flip-flopped them.

bangor breakfast blend black tea teatrition

The boiling point of water is 212° and this is what the instructions say to use for this tea.  Easy Peasy right?  I just used my kettle, let it boil, and then poured straight over the tea bag in a mug.  Steeping the tea for around 5 minutes and then removing the bag.  I let the brewed tea sit a little longer after that to cool down… no one wants a burnt tongue ’cause then we won’t be able to enjoy the flavor right?

The one thing about the Teatrition website that I have concern over is that there is nowhere (that I have found yet) where it gives explicit instructions on the proper way to make tea.  I have been drinking tea and loose leaf tea for years so I generally feel like I know how to brew it, but it would be nice to be certain I am doing it the right way: pouring the water over the tea correctly, using the right amount of water…etc.   Nothing a google search won’t remedy, but it would be nice to have instructions in one place, and be confirmed by the company I am actually getting the product from.


Ok so, the breakfast blend tea.  FINALLY ready to drink, Gawd I had to wait a WHOLE 5 minutes (plus more to let the water cool) to taste this delectable chocolaty tea – ugghhhh (sense my sarcasm?).   LOL, for serious though the wait is so suspenseful!

It’s good, Oh So Good!  I don’t know if I used too much water but  I personally like my teas strong in flavor and this one was very light. This tea’s flavor was delicate, but palatable, and would go perfectly with breakfast foods like pancakes, cereal, or even a fluffy omelet and bacon.  It kind of reminds me of a mocha without the strong, distracting flavor of coffee obviously.  But the chocolate flavor is suuuuper light as well as the overall tea flavor and that’s what makes it perfect for this.

Health Benefits?

The Teatrition website says that the health benefits of Black Tea are:

  • Black loose leaf tea is known to banish fatigue, stimulate mental focus, and raise energy levels.
  • It has been shown that black tea can reduce stress hormone levels and acts as a nerve sedative, frequently relieving headaches.
  • Loose leaf black tea supports digestion, heart health, weight management, lower cholesterol, & may help control blood sugars- great news for those who have diabetes or are hoping to prevent diabetes.
  • Black tea contains a number of vitamins considered essential for maintaining health, including Carotene- a precursor to vitamin A, has antioxidant and protective properties known as catechins, Vitamin B1 and Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.


Final Verdict?

I will probably try to find something a bit stronger to fit my taste preference.  This one is super good though and I did enjoy that it is very delicate and not overpowering.  This Bangor Black Breakfast Blend Tea would be perfect to drink while eating when you don’t want any lingering aftertaste.  This tea could also complement a food’s flavor rather than drown it out.  I would probably drink this cold/iced since it is a black tea.  I usually prefer black teas cold as I think it enhances the flavor.



Climber’s Sky High Energy – Chai

A Spiced Yerba Mate



This yerba mate surprised me because I  have had Chai before, and I have had Mate before.  I find that surprising/funny because the Mate that I had before was chocolaty and tasted kinda like coffee.  The Chai tea I had previously drunk was actually a rooibos blend.  I am smart enough to realize and understand there are SO many blends of flavors and teas.  Therefore, I am not really sure I could explain why this combo was surprising to me… compared to my previous Mate experiences.  I guess I was just expecting it to be like what I had before, but it wasn’t and that is a good thing.

sky high chai mate teatrition

This chai mate smelled spicy like peppermint when I took it out of the bag.  Brewed, it has a  very heavy (what I think is) cinnamon smell.  The instructions say to use water that is only 203°, so I just boiled my water (212°), turned off the heat and let it sit for a minute to cool down – figured it was pretty close.   I actually forgot to time the steep and I am pretty sure I left the bag in there waaaay too long while I got distracted by other things.  That’s ok though because I took the first drink and immediately felt like one of those old  British ladies during tea time after a long day; taking a swig and immediately responding with an, “oooh that’s the ticket”.

 The Tasting

This is right up my alley in flavor: strong, vibrant, minty/spicy.  Doesn’t taste like “dirt” lol, but meets my expectation of flavorful strength.

I do get a little bit of an aftertaste from this tea which I THINK might be the fennel or the clove, or maybe the cardamom.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that ability to discern flavors so easily yet.  That’s a skill I will have to practice more.  The flavors were blended so well, that this mate was a perfect treat tea.

I HAD just eaten some spicy tortilla soup right before I tried drinking this tea which I don’t recommend.  The two spicy flavor’s make the tea really hard to palate, so I had to get a Sprite and wash out the soup taste before I could proceed. The lemon/lime and the fizz help to cleanse the palate.

Heath Benefits?

The Teatrition website says that the health benefits of Chai are:

  • In addition to improving digestion, chai enhances the immune system, may relieve inflammation & boasts antioxidant properties.

As a side note, the website makes sure to educate the reader that in India, the origin of what the American’s refer to as Chai, is actually just the standard of how tea is prepared in India.  Chai is just the word for tea.

Similarly, in Mandarin, tea is called Cha (hence Cha-Time being the name of the bubble tea chain).  In Japan, the word for tea is also Cha though you will usually hear O-Cha (the O denoting respect given towards tea).  The Koreans say Cha as well.

The Final Verdict?

I find chai to always elicit a feeling of happiness when I drink it.  Like a spiced cider, Chai reminds me of fall, winter, the cold, and all of the holidays that come along with it.  I am always super happy and contented during Christmas time. Chai is pepperminty, with a  hint of vanilla and a punch of cinnamon.

This chai mate is probably better when drinking it alone or with a lighter flavored, fruity or sweet food. Like, a scone… or muffin.

I would definitely drink this tea again, but probably only during the fall and winter.  For some reason, it’s uncomfortable to me to drink spiced things like this in the summer or hot months.  Don’t drink this cold… that would be weird.



Gingerbread Cookie

an  herbal rooibos tea reminiscent of a classic holiday staple

So, this was the tea I had planned to start the day with because it intrigued me the most.  I thought it would be the one I liked the most out of the three… and I wasn’t mistaken.  Of the three teas I tried today, THIS is my favorite.  Not necessarily because it is supposed to taste like cookies, but because of the balance of the flavor.

gingerbread tea teatrition

I generally like ginger and any foods that contain ginger.   The ginger in this tea also came at a great time because after eating that spicy soup this afternoon, my stomach was a bit acidy.  Ginger has always been a good way to calm an upset tummy.

Out of the bag, this tea smells mostly like cinnamon and the same goes for after brewing.  Once again, this tea is brewed at 212° for about 5 minutes.

The Tasting

This tea tastes SUPER good!  It is an evenly balanced flavor of cinnamon and ginger with juuust a tiny hint of honey for sweetness.  I loved drinking this gingerbread tea after having my dinner.  No super strong aftertaste, just a hint of spice on the tongue that doesn’t overpower.  The flavor is strong, but not too strong… It is like goldy locks lol.  I would definitely consider using this as a dessert tea when avoiding sweets.  Gingerbread cookie tea is perfect for any time of year, though definitely has that same mental effect as the chai in a way – eliciting happiness and feelings of holiday cheer.

Health Benefits?

The Teatrition website says that the health benefits of rooibos are:

  • Rooibos boasts 37 natural antioxidants.
  • Health benefits of red rooibos tea include its use as a cure for nagging headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, premature aging & – inflammation! Many of our tea drinkers battle autoimmune issues & swear by rooibos.
  • Rooibos is absolutely free from caffeine content & low in tannins.
  • A recent Oregon study on rooibos reports much promise for consumption of rooibos in children with ADHD.
  • Rooibos is sometimes recommended to soothe infants with colic.


I found it interesting that the page also mentions how rooibos tea is favored by people who are trying to kick the sugar habit.  I wrote my comment earlier about using it as a dessert tea when avoiding sweets before I even read that. HA!

The Final Verdict?

If you have read up until now, I think you know how I felt about this Gingerbread Cookie Herbal Tea overall.  I won’t say that this tea replaces my favorite Matcha green.  I love tea with spice, but it’s just different than when I want regular iced black tea or green tea which is dryer and mild flavored.  Still, worth drinking this tea often, as its oh so tasty.

Once again, don’t drink this tea cold ’cause I think it would be too weird. This tea is meant to be warm… like cookies.

Honestly… the only tea I like to drink cold is black tea – like regular Lipton.  Tea should typically be drank hot in my opinion.  The Chinese (Asian cultures in general) believe that drinking cold drinks is bad for your health anyway.

TutorMing China Expats & Culture Blog has a really well written explanation for this:

“According to ancient Chinese medicine, drinking a glass of warm water in the morning helps kick-start the digestive system. Hot water and warm water, because of its temperature, supposedly aids blood flow. As your blood circulation increases, it helps detoxify your body and reduce painful contractions of muscles. Sore throat? Drink some warm water. Menstrual cramps? Stop drinking cold stuff and switch to some hot water.On the other hand, cold water slows down organ function and causes muscles to contract.Some Chinese people also believe that during meals, you shouldn’t be mixing hot food with cold water, as this creates an imbalance of temperature.”


Thanks for reading my very lengthy review and I hope you learned something!  Check out Teatrition and try their teas.  Tea isn’t just a tasty drink, it’s beneficial to health and wellness too!  I hope YOU learn to love tea as much as I do.