Must Know Taco Bell Hack That Will Save You Money

This is a PSA to all my fellow Taco Bell chicken soft taco fans out there!


Taco Bell is one of my favorite fast food restaurants.  It’s actually the only fast food restaurant I eat at on a regular basis.  I am not really into Mcdonald’s (except for breakfast), or Wendy’s, Burger King or whatever.  Plus… “Mexican” food is one of my top 3 favorite foods (can we really call THIS Mexican food, though?).  Taco Bell is cheap inexpensive for what you get and is pretty darn tasty IMO.

Not long ago I switched to eating the chicken tacos at Taco Bell as opposed to my previous, low-cost bean burrito no onions order.  During my elimination diet, I quickly learned that beans aren’t really my friend; while they are high in fiber which is a good thing, they give me issues.  I have decided to avoid beans for now…

Taco Bell CAN get expensive!

After Whole30 I decided to make different (more healthy?) choices when eating out.  Hopefully, they are more healthy.  I switched to the chicken tacos – which are (in my location) like, a $1.75 each or something crazy like that.  A regular taco is only $1.19 I believe, and a bean burrito is like .90 cents maybe.  If you want the chicken taco to be crunchy that is an upcharge, and if you want it to be supreme (tomatoes and sour cream) THAT is an upcharge too!  So needless to say, the chicken tacos at Taco Bell are one of the more pricey options for what you get (a soft shell with shredded chicken, cheese, and lettuce).

If I order 3 chicken soft tacos, supreme, and add guacamole to them it is close to $10!!  For 3 small Taco Bell tacos!?  Just for me!?!  That doesn’t even include my husband’s order – who BTW eats twice as much as me usually!

AAAND, If I get them crunchy then they are even more than that!  Sheesh, amiright?

A cheaper alternative?

One day, I went to Taco Bell to get something quick and cheap for lunch.  I didn’t want to spend THAT much on just me since I was a little tight for cash – so, what did I do?

Chose something off of the dollar cravings menu of course.  Taco Bell came out with their dollar cravings menu a few years ago…I think? – more or less…

Now, I hesitate to give away my secret lest the powers that be catch wind of this and change things but…

The dollar menu has a shredded chicken quesadilla on it…  It is only $1 as per the menu would suggest… a soft shell, with shredded chicken, chipotle sauce, and melted cheese.  Sounds a bit familiar, right?

I realized that the mini quesadilla is essentially just a grilled version of the chicken soft taco with the added bonus of chipotle sauce and the omission of lettuce (which to be honest, who cares about the lettuce?).  I bought three quesadilla’s, a side of sour cream and a side of guacamole.  The sides are only .40 each and are a decent enough amount per cup to put on 3 tacos.  How much did it cost then you ask?  I’ll do the math for you… $4.11 after tax!  I got essentially the same thing I would normally get (minus lettuce and tomatoes) for less than half the cost!  #genius for the WIN!

Chipotle sauce is usually an upcharge too by the way –  a total steal!

What if I want Crunchy tacos?

I don’t think Taco Bell will let you make the dollar quesadillas crunchy, so this hack doesn’t help with THAT issue.  But, for the difference in cost, and since it tastes better anyway, I will compromise.

I of course doctor my quesadilla’s and tacos up.  Take out the taco from the wrapping, open it up, pour in a couple sauce packets (I like Mild), scoop a spoon full each (1/3 the container) of sour cream and guac and spread those on there.  Roll it up – and enjoy!

Well, that’s that.  If you are a chicken taco fan like me then I recommend trying this little Taco Bell hack out and saving yourself some money.  That will allow you to get even MORE chicken tacos!  More tacos is never a bad thing in my book.



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