turquoise kitchenmaid mixer with sugar and butter in a glass bowl

7 Splurge Worthy Kitchen Tools You Won’t Regret Buying

Most people shy away from spending hundreds of dollars on a blender.  I know because I am one of those people who really just can’t (or rather shouldn’t) afford it.  However, I am a firm believer in investing money into useful, quality crafted, long lasting, valuable products.  Buy the cheaper product now and you end up having to replace it again and again which really adds up over time.  Invest, splurge, whatever you want to call it, now and you will more than reap the reward of a dollar well spent for many, many years.


 Here’s your permission to splurge away…


1) All For One, and One For All

Fads don’t tend to capture my attention easily.  Usually, a fad item is overpriced and over exaggerated. BUT, the instant pot is pretty legit so far.  Right now you can find it most places for under $100 though it may jump back up eventually.  instant pot

Some of the Pros:

The cook pot is stainless steel.  None of that “non-stick” BS, or any sort of painted surface that can leach into the food.  #healthier

Previously, shelves and closets, counters and pantry’s were stuffed with several different bulky appliances. Donate those (keep the crock pot as a backup though, I can’t tell you how many times I have wished I had two) and get this one instead – trust me.  Instant Pot boasts multiple different types of cooking in one machine.

Bonus points: It heats up like, super duper fast.

If you want a glass top, a steamer basket, or if you want the egg tray – that is all separate.  By no means are these other accessories required though.

The main complaint I have heard regarding the Instant Pot or similar branded products is that it can be complicated to use.  I really don’t agree with this notion.  Sure, it may take some getting used to as yes, the settings are different.  You have to know what to set the temps and times to.  There may be some trial and error especially if you don’t use an already established recipe.  However, once you understand the basics of it… Instant Pot is a pretty handy little (it’s not little) small appliance.

2) Herbs A plenty…

click and grow herb growing kit



The Click and Grow herb growing kit is self-watering and has its own light source.  Also, it sits on top of a counter and is pretty sleek looking if I say so myself.

Herbs are hard for me personally; I really don’t have a green thumb.  Either I forget to water my plants, they don’t get enough light, or my cats get into the pots and dig them up lol.  I am sure a lot of people out there have similar problems.

Having fresh herbs whenever needed has never been so easy with this herb growing kit.

Totally worth the splurge at only $50 or $60





3) Are You Team Blendtec or Team Vitamix? (or maybe you’re on Team Ninja)

Blendtec Designer 625 seafoam

Super cute – a little retro and a little modern, right?

white vitamix 5200 on counter with juice

White or the red is more fun than boring old black.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what team you join because all of these options are totally worth the splurge.  These are the three blender choices most people will recognize, be able to generally afford, and that will get you what you need.  And what you need… is POWAA!

You know you’re getting some real bang for your buck when you can liquefy a whole orange in under a minute, peel and all.

Grind up nuts into your own nut butters.

Make a smoothie that you can’t even tell has kale in it cause that sh*t was pulverized into liquid.

Create and Cook creamy soups all in one container.  Who needs pots and a stove top anyway?

Vitamix: Typically around $400 to upwards of 7 or 8 depending on the model, which makes it the most expensive of the three.

Blendtec:  Usually, under $300 and upwards of 7 or 8 depending on the model you want.  Personally, I have the Costco edition (basic model, a little cheaper) which comes with all the same stuff and warranties and has done quite well for me.

Ninja Chef:  There are other Ninja options aside from the chef.  Ninja comes in at the lowest price point, usually around $100 or $200.  If you are in need of a high power blender, ready to invest, but can’t swing more than $200… just go for this one.  You may have to upgrade somewhere down the line, but the Ninja will perform for you in a decent way and for a reasonable amount of time.

Woman with food and a ninja chef blender on a countertop

4) There is no better cookware than Saladmaster…

salad master classic set - splurge on the best kitchenware

Why is it the best:

  • The Saladmaster brand is made in the USA
  • It’s crafted from surgical grade stainless steel – I mean, if you’re gonna be performing major lobsterbotamy on a regular basis you gotsta have the surgical grades.
  • It will last FOREVER, and the warranty passes down to your children.
  • This is a waterless cookware set #retainthosenutrients
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Works on ALL cook-tops

Read more on the health benefits of this cookware here.

This cookware is healthier, easy to use, easy to store, and will be the best and last cookware that a person would ever need.  I use my set nearly every.single.day.

I am not gonna sugar coat the high investment of a lifetime, pass me down, family heirloom quality, value packed set of cookware.  The price is… 4 figures hefty… (ok I sugar coated a bit) but, the value this cookware provides is priceless.

Seriously… I am not even being paid to say all this (I am not a sales rep for it, nor do I receive any commission for promoting it); Simply put, I am just super passionate about how much I LOVE my cookware.   Everyone deserves to have it and experience it!

I know, I know… you’ve probably already skipped past this part, at least after the term, “4 figures” got thrown around.    If you are still here… I know I’m a sucker for a good set of cookware, but I urge you to really consider this investment.  I am still paying off that purchase but honestly, perception is reality, and the reality is that this is the best cookware money can buy and I don’t regret buying it one single bit(nada, zilch, zero).

How to get it:

So, Saladmaster is one of those have a party, buy stuff, get stuff free sort of sales tactics.  Someone hosts a party at their house, a guy/girl comes to the house to cook you and your guests a full meal including dessert. In the process explains why this cookware is the best, and shows you how the cookware works.  While you eat the really tasty food, they’ll explain the costs and ask you what you want to buy.

(if you’re interested hit me up. Ain’t gonna lie… I want more of the shinys)

5) Pro’s need a little aid sometimes too…

red bowl lift kitchenmaid mixer on countertop with cinnamon rollsKitchenaid mixers sort of scream, “ok, this person is legit”; when I see them in peoples houses, proudly displayed on their counter top or in their appliance garage.

Yeah, you’re gonna splurge for a brand name mostly, but you are also paying for a quality, tested, beloved and timeless kitchen appliance.

Typically, Kitchenaid will run you between $300 and  $500, but this is one splurge that you won’t be regretting if you utilize it’s convenience.  I make bread in mine, plus cookie dough, mashed potatoes, muffins, scones, cake, etc.

turquoise kitchenmaid mixer with sugar and butter in a glass bowl - worth the splurge

Why Kitchenaid brand over another mixing appliance?

As opposed to a mixer in which the bowl spins against beaters, the Kitchenaid head orbits around the bowl as the mixing attachment rotates in the opposite direction. This means things are gonna mix much more quickly and thoroughly.

Most models boast a pretty strong mixing power for a residential appliance – look for more wattage which means more power.

Sure, there are other comparable mixing appliances out there.  I have no doubt that this Cuisinart mixer would perform just as well for about the same price.


6)  Immerse me in the joy that is good food…

An Immersion blender is a must have for EVERY.SINGLE.KITCHEN.  Well, at least the ones who make their own sauces and soups.   If you invest in one thing and one thing only, invest in an immersion blender.  The possibilities of sauces that you can make are endless with an immersion blender.




Home made baby food!

This Betitay blender (which I personally own) is my favorite right now.

splurge worthy betitay immersion blender with food chopper, cup, and whisk attachments

Save money! Be in control of what you are putting in your families bodies!

It’s so much cheaper, and healthier to buy the ingredients (that you are probably already buying anyway) and make your own homemade sauces and soups.

This Betitay brand has performed beautifully the few times I’ve used it.  All of the attachments work marvelously so far too.

  • There are 2 other attachments aside from the immersion blender: a small food chopper, and a whisk.
    • The whisk is flexible, which I liked because it allowed me to really move around the container.
    • The chopper did well on some whole pecans that I chopped for tuna salad.

The kicker with this product:  It’s only $40!  Hardly a splurge in some peoples minds, but for me it was.  Also, I already had an immersion blender from Cuisinart.   For roughly the same price though, the Betitay blender is far superior in value with everything you get.

Bonus Points: It comes with a mixing cup!


7)   Don’t Be  Jerk…y

splurge on this food dehydratorKeeping in the theme of being in control of what you put in your families bodies, I will tell you this, a food dehydrator is an invaluable asset for any household.

Not gonna lie… it’s bulky and not super pretty, but hear me out.

Do you like Jerky? Make your own without the processed junk (beef, venison, chicken)

Inexpensive, All Natural, Whole Food, Healthy Dog Treats? – Done!

Sugar free, chemical free banana chips, and apple chips are expensive or impossible to find –  make your own!

Healthy potato chips and vegetable chips are easy too.

Make your own sprinkles or colored sugars.

Avoid the heat and the power usage from using the oven. Plus save space to make other things.

At an average cost of  $150 there are so many good reasons to have a dehydrator!  Get creative, there is so much value and versatility with this splurge worthy kitchen appliance.

There are cheaper, smaller dehydrators on the market, yes.  If you do invest in one allow me to share my hard learned wisdom: Get one that has a built in timer and has the slide out trays!



I’ll leave it here for now, but I am sure I could go on and on about all the great tools that are far more valuable than their price tags.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have one of these or buy one.  Let me know what you think about these, and if you agree, or disagree with my selections for splurge worthy kitchen tools.