Two Cents

You want my two cents? 


I’ll give you more than two!  I have this whole big Eiffel Tower container full of ’em on my desk…  No? You don’t want them you say?  You have enough of your own?

Well, I agree, it’s not really cost effective for me to send you my pennies anyway so, I’ll give you something even more valuable!


How about my metaphorical “two cents”?

Ok, ok, whether you care about my opinions or not, I encourage you to stick around.

I just want to extend a little advice and recommendation your way because it benefits me and I am sure it will actually benefit you too.  My goal is to give you advice, teach you, help you grow and become more confident when it comes to food, in the kitchen, outside the kitchen, and in living a laid back life.  A lot of the people I talk with find that my recommendations have worked out in their favor.  I’m confident that what works and helps out  me and others will be a benefit for YOU too.


Below is a list of recommendations for some of my favorite… all-the-things…







Thrive Market 25% off + free shipping



Thrive is the SH*T.  For realz. I signed up for the free trial right before I started my first whole30 in June.  I ended up opting in to the year subscription because I was ordering things often enough.  They have some nice products that are more expensive in stores but also sometimes they are not – so just double check.  The upside though is that they deliver straight to you within a couple of days which is nice and convenient.


Try Blue Apron

Oh, Blue Apron, how I enjoy you so.  It’s a little pricey for just 3 meals in my opinion BUT… and there is a BUT, the meals are super super tasty.  I think there has only been a couple that I did not like out of the 20 or so I have tried.  That is pretty good odds.  The instructions are easy to follow, everything is already measured and portioned.  All you have to do is chop up/prep a few things and cook.  My ABSOLUTE favorite meal from them has been the spicy korean rice cakes.  Some of the meals we actually have adapted to our cooking style as well. The Masala style chicken was a go to meal during whole30 and continues to be one of my husbands favorite meals to date regardless.


Amazon… this one is pretty straight forward.  If I plan to buy something I almost always check amazon first. It’s pretty rare I don’t find what I am looking for on Amazon.  Unless for some reason I can’t wait the two days for shipping (with Prime)…. I also highly enjoy their video streaming service as there are several TV shows that are not on Netflix/Hulu etc.

*I don’t typically buy food supplies from there but I will on occasion.