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Let The Festivi-Teas Begin! A Guide To Gifting Teas, featuring Teatrition Health and Wellness.

A Guide To Gifting Tea

Featuring Teatrition


“Tea and Winter… they’re a “matcha” made in heaven.”

“Fros-tea the snowman, was a jolly happy soul… “

“Hello, Is it “tea” you’re lookin’ for?”

“Tea or coffee drinker; can’t we all just get “oolong”?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit of a “chai” person around people I don’t know…”



OK, OK already, I’ll stop with the puns.  But they are just so “punny”!  HAHAHA

Ok… for serious…. I’m done… let’s get to this guide on gifting teas, shall we?


 gifting teas, teatrition tea and wellness logo, link to teatrition review post


If you have read my review post on Teatrition fall teas you may already be familiar with my own personal feelings and outlook on tea.  I have also been very forward with my enthusiasm, and in showing my interest in this small business up in Maine.

Teatrition really seems like they got this tea thing down.  To them, tea is not just a fad either… Teatrition not only promotes tea for health, but also teaches about tea culture, and many other benefits.  I highly recommend that if you are going to buy loose leaf teas, to go through a local, small business, and community-minded company with a little more on their mind than the bottom dollar… if you know what I mean.


a guide to gifting teas, link to teatrition website

Gifting Teas

“It’s the gift that keeps on givin’ the whole year!” – Eddy in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

While I don’t recommend forgoing those holiday bonus checks for a monthly jelly of the month club membership, or in this case, a tea of the month membership; I do still recommend this tea of the month membership. from Teatrition… of course.

gifting teas starter set from teatrition with tea, press, and instructions

Tea really does make a great, memorable gift any time of year whether it be a Christmas present, birthday present, a valentines present, a mothers day present, a present to say thank you to a teacher, a boss, a colleague, or just a “because I love you” present.  If you don’t know much about tea, or even if you do, you may not know what the person you are buying for likes.  So, where IS the best place to start?  A tea sampler!  For someone who likes tea but doesn’t already have the stuff… this will be a nice little place to get started.  This tea sampler/starter set comes with samples of tea obviously, but also education on HOW to brew the teas, as well as provides a tea press.  And, you get all of this for only $30!


‘Tis the season for Tea!

Maybe you are planning on gifting teas to your loved ones, but your receiver already has everything needed for making tea.  Or, maybe you are buying for yourself.  that’s ok, we are alowed to treat and gift ourselves sometimes too.  So, because I am writing this during Christmas…  here are a few options for gifting teas that are Christmas themed.  These flavors are gauranteed to blow those tastebuds away!

*EDIT*many of these teas are seasonal for the holidays and are not always available.  I have gone through and added links to similar products for other times of the year. 


What’s more Christmasy than Gingerbread Cookies?

gifting teas gingerbread man made of tea leaves

How about trying something a little more healthy but still with all the deep cinnamon and ginger flavor you love about cookies.

The Gingerbread Cookie Tea from Teatrition is caffeine free – so after a hectic day, you will be able to enjoy this dessert-y,  spiced, rooibos tea and de-stress from it all. The spices used in the blend help with digestion… which we all know is useful around the holidays.



fresh and ground ginger in a can


In continuation of the idea of low caffeine, de-stressing and winding down at the end of the day.  Stomach calming ginger and white tea soothe the soul.



Next to Gingerbread?  Candy Canes are synonymous with Christmas cheer.

candy cane drink, and cookies on a red and white plate with red and white striped towel in the snow

Why not try this Candy Cane White Tea from Teatrition.  With a touch of hibiscus lending a tart finish, the peppermint keeps this tea a little sweet. Teatrition boasts the benefits of this tea as a deterrent to bloating after a large holiday feast.  We all could use that, huh?!


chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Not into peppermint, but still want something sweet and smooth?  Try a buttery and sweet chestnut tea?



Spiced Teas:


gifting teas, winterberry tea leaves in the shape of a cup with steam coming off it

Last but not least let’s spice things up a notch and try a little Winterberry.  Just the name itself sounds Christmasy and enticing, doesn’t it?

Ginger, Clove, and Cinnamon on top of a blackberry, raspberry sweetness make this tea a “delightful way to pass time on the chilliest of days”.


So, what else would be a good gift option for those tea lovers out there?

gifting teas, perfect tea maker gifting teas, gift certificate to teatrition
Have you seen one of these handy dandy, fancy pants tea brewers yet?  I bought one several years ago from a chain tea store I will leave unnamed… but it’s really cool, because you put the tea in with the water, brew for just the right amount of time according to the tea, and then set it on top of a cup.  The bottom pushes in and allows the tea to go straight into the cup.  Genius!

Still not sure any of these recommendations are for you? That’s ok, I understand.  My preferred tea is actually green tea… but, sometimes a little change up, dessert-y or holiday-themed flavor is nice too.

Maybe you want to be gifting teas to those loved ones, but aren’t sure of what your receiver will like… a gift certificate can always do the trick. 🙂