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Kitchen Gadget Deals – must have gifts for the cooks in your life!

Super Awesome Cyber Monday 2017 Kitchen Gadget Deals

These are Must Haves!

These prices blew me away and I am sure they will for you too… If you are in the market for some kitchen gadgets/necessities this is the time to get it! – Even after the deals are over… the value of the items on this list is timeless.  Making great gifts for any time of year.

I don’t really do much Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping simply because I never have the money lol.  However, I know many of you do and in case you aren’t keeping on top of the deals, I am passing my picks along.  Amazon has some super awesome deals today, but today only obviously… until next year. Even after the deals are gone, this list retains a large of amount of valuable kitchen gadgets that can be used by all.  Keep them on your radar for next year’s deals, or invest now. The chose is yours.

I always peruse the sales JUST in case I find something I can’t live without and I was BLOWN AWAY by some of these prices on these items.  If I needed any of them, I’d be forwarding this link to all my family members saying THIS is my Christmas list!  But, alas… I don’t need any of these things because I already spent the big bucks on them during the other times of the year.  Their value continues to uphold itself in my kitchen though and I am never regretful of a good investment.  So, maybe I can help someone out a little and they can get these things for much cheaper cause EVERY.SINGLE.THING. on this list is something I have, similar to it, or something I would want.  So here you go:  My Cyber Monday top kitchen picks – Enjoy!

Vitamix only $299 today instead of $550! Super Woah Guys!

kitchen gadget deals Vitamix 5200 Blender, Black


I am team Blendtec, but to be honest I have never had a Vitamix nor used one.  I went with blendtec because it was a bit cheaper, and it has been one of the ost wonderful kitchen gadget purchases I have made.  High power blenders are perfect for making soups, sauces, anything really.   If I ever had to get another high powered blender though… I would for sure try the Vitamix, so don’t get me wrong.

Here is a blendtec option that is super discounted today too.  Only $190 today instead of $350!

kitchen gadget deals Blendtec Total Blender Classic, with FourSide Jar, Black


Instant Pot 6qt only $78 today – lowest I have seen yet.  I have usually seen these at Walmart for $100

Instant pot is one kitchen gadget on every kitchenistas list this year.  For good reason too, as it does so much in such a little package.  this lid would be really useful for storing food.

Don’t forget accessories too – You could even get a second pot insert so that you can have more than one to work with.  I did this with my Kitchenaid mixer (bought a second bowl) and I have NEVER regretted it, it is super helpful when making multi batches of gadget deals Insta Pot Silicone Lid / Cover (BPA-free) - Fits IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, IP-DUO50, IP-LUX50, Smart-60, IP-CSG60 and IP-CSG50


This All –Clad cookware set is only $250 compared to its normal almost $800 price tag.

Like, fore serious peeps…  If I didn’t already have the best set of cookware in the world (Saladmaster) I would seriously want this (I still kind of do anyway – not gonna lie)!  This is an awesome price for these and you really wouldn’t need more pieces than this.

Here is a link to my Rada babies though…

JUST in case, if you would rather spend $50 on a whole set of awesome knives.

kitchen gadget deals Rada Cutlery Knife Set – 7 Stainless Steel Culinary Knives Starter Gift Set Made in USA

You should always keep a really nice instant read, digital thermometer in your drawer.

As kitchen gadget go, a food thermometer should be at the top of the list of must-haves.  Temping food to make sure it is done is the most accurate way to ensure top-notch quality and safety when cooking. This one is on sale for $10  and has awesome reviews.

kitchen gadget deals SMARTRO Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometer for Kitchen Cooking Food Grill Candy BBQ


Ok, I know it’s pricey BUT so super worth it.  Right now…

Kitchenaid mixers on amazon are pretty discounted – only $300. kitchen gadget deals KitchenAid KSM155GBCA 5-Qt. Artisan Design Series with Glass Bowl - Candy Apple Red

Kitchenaid doesn’t really do a lot of discounted prices through the year.  I bought mine at Macy’s several years ago right before the price increase happened (I dunno, maybe 6 years ago?).

$300 for this special edition candy apple red one – or any other color – is a sweet deal when it’s normally $430 everywhere else. (This candy apple one is the same exact one I have btw).



Or, you could go with the non-special edition which is  $40 (for the red one) LESS than the special edition one.

kitchen gadget deals KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red




So awesome guys!  I really hope this helps my fellow kitchen gadget enthusiasts out and or knocks a few things off your gift buying list.


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