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Work Together

Looking for a partner in crime?

(ok, maybe not ACTUAL crime, because that’s illegal… but we can at least team up and create some success in our lives!)


A lot of people, businesses, advertisers, etc. find that bloggers and social media influencers can act as a positive extension of their business and/or brand.  I would love the opportunity to converse about who you are, and what you do.  Let’s see if we are a good fit for doing business together.

Creating mutually beneficial relationships with like minded individuals and brands, that share the same vision and beliefs, is a top priority for me.  These partnerships can lead all of us to growth, success, and to achieve our highest goals! 

Teamwork DOES make the dream work! (Was that cheesy?  I know it was, wasn’t it?) 

Let’s Work Together Through Advertising: 

  1. Sponsored Posts:
    • If you are a company/brand /service/destination /etc. that offers support to bloggers in exchange for: mentions, referrals, reviews, linked ads, promotions, and/or recommendation within posts and throughout partner websites, please feel free to contact me.
  2. Brand Features:
    • Allow me to feature your brand / service/ destination or whatever you may want to be featured through ads in my banners, pages, sidebar, footer or within a post.
  3. Full, Detailed, and Unbiased Reviews:
    • I would be happy to write a full review of a product or service, restaurant, etc.  As well as promote for you across social media and my website.
  4. Social Media Sharing:
    • We can work together to share each others content across social media.  I am all about making friends and healthy partnerships with other like-minded individuals out there.
  5. Affiliate Marketing
    • Do you have a brand or products that you want me to promote and ad for throughout my site?  I will be interested in learning more about your brand and how you offer compensation for promotions and referral sales.
    • For Example: Thrive Market – Free Coconut Aminos


Let’s Work Together Through Guest Posting:

  • I am interested in collaborating with like-minded individuals, fellow bloggers, chefs, restaurants, travel junkies, laid back people, etc!  If you believe you and I could team up,  would want to feature my work on your site, or for me to feature a post from you on this site, please get in touch.  Contact me with your thoughts and ideas and we can work something out!

Freelance Opportunities:

  • I have a lot of skills and capabilities and may be able to help you with a multitude of different projects such as: logo creation or brainstorming, organization, writing, recipe or menu creation, meal planning, cooking lessons and demonstrations, personal chef work, catering, health coaching (please note, I am not a registered health coach, I simply enjoy helping others in becoming the best they can be),  and more!

Let me know if you have any freelance opportunities in mind.  We can discuss your ideas in more depth by email or chat to see if our businesses are a good fit for each other!


Sponsored Support Opportunities

Opportunities for support in the way of sponsored travel, tours, restaurant visits, food/restaurant reviews etc. are welcome here!  In exchange,  I can offer media coverage, advertising, reviews, and more throughout my site and social media.  Please contact me should you have an opportunity like this, I would love the opportunity to learn more about your brand, and to discuss a possibility of doing business together.

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Whether you just wanna get in touch or if you want to work together…

I am looking forward to hearing from you!  Please email me directly at or use the form below.


All My Love,