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Listen, we gotta talk… it’s not you, its…. … … wait, actually this is about you…

Yeah I mean, I guess all this IS about me, but I really DO this all for you.  I want you guys out there to learn something from my adventures in the kitchen and my experiences, my trials and errors, my success and my failure.

I have big plans you know – teaching the world and making people happy through food and fun.

I hope you find my blog to be a great place to spend time, learn, laugh…  If you love food, and you love humor – especially cheesy jokes and sometimes mildly inappropriate language (butallingoodfunright?), then you are my perfect reader!

I would love to receive some constructive criticism, comments, thoughts, requests, questions… or whatever reason you may have for getting in touch with me.  This is a passion and I want to share it!


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Pssssst, Do you want more?  Make sure to check out my other blog, “A Laid Back Life” too(under construction currently); where I discuss life, love, learning, and travel from the perspective and attitude of a laid back, go-with-the-flow individual such as myself.