a colorful, nostalgic themed Christmas tree titled "In a new, old fashioned way"

5 Themed Christmas Tree Ideas Sure To Impress

Creating A Themed Christmas Tree

“There’s a tree in the grand hotel, one in the park as well…” – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas


If you haven’t already got your Christmas Tree up, it’s that time.  Many of you, like me, get that thing up the day after Thanksgiving (or that weekend).  Others have a tradition of waiting until Christmas Eve to decorate.  Personally, I like to enjoy Christmas for as loooong as I can, which is why I get my decorations up as soon as Thanksgiving is over.

Each year I am trimming at least three trees.  Two in my home, and one at work.  I absolutely LOVE decorating for the holidays.  I know many people who find it a hassle to decorate at all, with all the other responsibilities they have, Or perhaps, Christmas is a sad time of year for some and they just don’t have the spirit anymore.  This was the case for my mother the last few years as she was mourning the loss of my Grandma and Grandpa… It’s hard to continue enjoying those festivities without those loved ones keeping you company. However, to press passed the sadness…


Have you ever seen a themed Christmas Tree?

Yea, there are many a themed Christmas tree in terms of colors, but I am talking more about a theme in terms of feeling, or subject (with a little bit of color thrown in there too).   The following is a little design list I put together for different themed Christmas Tree ideas.  Perhaps you will be interested in trying one?


The Tree is titled:

“A New, Old Fashioned Way!”

a colorful, nostalgic themed Christmas tree titled "In a new, old fashioned way"

This is a pretty straightforward theme, to be honest.  This is one of my own personal, two Christmas trees that I decorate my home with. With a nostalgic, colorful theme;  the tree was the one I grew up with at my parent’s house; passed down to me when I moved out on my own.  The ornaments were mostly passed down as well… some are from when I was little, some are my Grandma’s who is no longer with us.  Some ornaments were gifts given to me since making a home of my own, and others are ornaments I have collected from my travels, and ones my husband and I have chosen since being married.

This tree is so old that it is one of the ones where you have to put each individual branch in the slot.  I love it though, and they (whoever “they” are) don’t make these artificial trees as quality as they used to.

Put it together:

Colored lights are what makes this tree special for me, and festive.  It is my favorite little short and fat thing topped with a star and finished with one of my Grandma’s crafty tree skirts.

I know this nostalgic, hand me down style isn’t really an option for everyone.  But, I wanted to include it because nostalgia is so important during the holidays.  Nostalgia brings us back to being a kid again and makes the world a brighter place.

This tree is titled:

“A Jolly, Happy Soul”

a white Christmas tree that looks like a snowman, titled a jolly happy soul

On a business trip to Chicago the other week, I stayed in the Holiday Inn right on the river.  It was a beautiful hotel and right outside the little convenience store on the 15th floor was a Christmas tree decorated to look like a Snowman!  This snowman themed Christmas tree was so darned CUTE; I just had to take a picture and include it in my creating themed Christmas tree post!


Keepin’ it simple, recreating this themed Christmas tree would be super cute and easy to put together:

White Tree with Clear Lights as the body

A black top hat for his head

Red scarf around his neck

Black Glossy Ornaments for his eyes, mouth, and buttons

A carrot for the nose – perhaps clear coat it to keep from spoiling.

and you could even stick some twiggy branches from the yard in there for his arms.

This tree is titled:

“What’s This?”

This is it… THIS, is the big one.  The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree…

a nightmare before Christmas themed Christmas tree titled "what's this?"

My husband doesn’t really get into Christmas, decorations, or carols.  He DOES, however, LOVE “N.B.C”.  His birthday is Halloween and he has a special place in his heart for this movie.  The fun in this tree is that while his birthday is Halloween and he loves all things Halloween, I love all things Christmas!  So, this is a little tribute not only to our relationship but also was a fun idea I had to get him a little more interested in Christmas decorating every year.

The Tree’s Story

This tree was started probably 5 or 6 years ago I think… maybe more.  Every year we buy the new Hallmark Keepsake ornaments and the Disney sketchbook ornaments that come out.  A couple of times there has been extra special, limited edition releases in addition to the regular Hallmark Keepsake release.  For example, a few years ago, there was a special edition zero ornament.  Last year, the ornament was Dr. Finklestein holding Sally’s arm, and the special edition release was a Sally ornament missing an arm.  They know their gonna getcha with that, I mean, why WOULDN’T you buy both?  That would just be silly not to.  Also, one year, they had an Oggie boogie Halloween release ornament, separate from the Christmas release.

Disney typically has all their sketchbook ornaments come out after Halloween and there is almost always a new version, or two, for NBC.  Disney used to have picture bulbs themed with nightmare characters on them.  We have a couple sets but it’s been a few years since they released them.  Several years ago, Disney came out with The moods of Jack’s face ornaments, which are super high quality, a champaign color, and come in a red silk lined box in the shape of a coffin.  How freakin’ cool is that!?

A family heirloom:

The story of acquiring the face ornaments is an interesting one.  We saw them one year in the Disney store and LOVED them. The ornament set was kinda pricey though, around $60, plus we were already getting the sketchbook ornaments.  So, we passed them up thinking we could grab ’em later when money wasn’t so tight.  Well, they sold out, and the next year… they didn’t have them.  Nowhere, nada, can’t be found anywhere… I was So. Bummed!  The year after that though I just happened upon a limited quantity of them again and snagged them up immediately (for the same $60 price).  I am so glad I did because, once again, they are nowhere to be found except occasionally on Amazon or eBay for well over $200 (last I checked).

Even the hallmark keepsakes can get pricey each passing year… this is definitely a collection that will become a family heirloom.

The black tree skirt was handmade by my mother in law one year.  Another good tree skirt idea would be to sew two burlap skirts together, and then stuff it with fake bug toys and maybe a stuffed yellow and black snake.  Make it look like the bugs and stuff are falling out of it, ie. An Oogie Boogie tree skirt 🙂

I plan to put this Oogie Boogie skirt together some year… eventually…

If you want to start your own Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas tree, YOU CAN!

Black Christmas Tree

Orange and Purple Lights

Black and Silver ornaments for filler

Hallmark Keepsakes

Disney Store Sketchbook ornaments

Disney Store themed ornaments

A Santa hat for the topper

a black or burlap tree skirt


This tree is titled:

“Shepherds and Kings”

a large gold, silver, bronze and ivory decorated tree titled shepherds and kings

Gilded glory fit for the King of Kings!  Something about Silver and Gold decorations just screams royalty, majesty, glory…

Metallics are HOT right now in every aspect of design.  Why not implement it into your tree decorating?  The tree pictured above is the one I put together for my office lobby (my day job) last year.  Gold ribbon, rose gold, bronze, and silver and gold ornament, and a beautiful ivory tree skirt with gold quilt stitching from Balsam Hill.  Simply superb!

gold and silver tree in the chicago merchandise martThe picture to the right is of a tree inside the Merchandise Mart in Chicago.  It was gorgeous gold and silver and HUGE… of course.

P.S. Is anyone else obsessed with the mercury glass ornaments that are meant to look like vintage, worn glass?  They look like something our grandparents or great-grandparents may have had on their tree…  They are so beautiful!


Put together a festive display fit for a King:

Metallic Ornaments 

mercury glass ornaments

A full green tree with white lights

gold, champagne, metallic ribbon

gold bead garland

ivory and gold quilted tree skirt

Gold shimmer tree topper


This tree is titled:

“Wintry Fairy Land”

Let’s take the temp down a notch and would you LOOK at this tree?!  I just love this look and someday, maybe, I will do it.

icicle adorned christmas tree with silver, white, and snow. titled wintry fairy land

Icicles are the most beautiful, shiny, sparkly things, right?

This would be a super simple and absolutely breathtaking addition to any home.


Let’s bring winter indoors:

A snow-covered tree

Assorted sizes and styles of clear icicle ornaments

maybe some silver Tinsel for added sparkle

a beautiful white faux fur tree skirt or something that is sparkly, or looks like snow!

throw in some gold ribbon or gilded pine cones for added beauty.  Maybe some red berries too, for a pop of color!

A few other design ideas for good measure: Maybe I will expand the rest of these themed Christmas tree ideas out in the future, but for now… just some thoughts.

Pine Cones

Get the kids and go pine cone hunting. Paint, add sparkle, and clear coat the pine cones to decorate them!  Also, some matching gold or silver ornaments, and ribbon will lend a nice finishing touch.



Meijer had some really awesome ornaments the other day.  3D and sparkly snowflake ornaments, clear snowflake ornaments, some icicles, and a white snowy tree skirt.

Dr. Who

I am a big Dr. Who fan, so stay tuned for this design.  I’m just not sure I can help myself.

Star Wars

Products for the new Star Wars movies are everywhere right now.  Even the products for the older movies are readily available.  Star Wars has now become a part of the Christmas season for me.


You know… ’cause that’s me.


Buy new or find yourself an old silver tinsel tree, some mercury glass bulbs, and/or simple red and green bulbs.  Adding on some tinsel, stringed popcorn, and tinsel garland will make you feel like you’re in your great-grandparents (or parents, when you were a kid… depending on your age) living room on Christmas day.