Copycat Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo – Healthy, Dairy Free, Sugar Free

Spicy, Creamy, Delicious Mayonnaise…

You thought you knew about mayo.  A lot of people don’t like mayo and I am (sort of) one of them.  At least, if we are talking about regular, nasty, store-bought kinds.  However, make your own or buy one from Primal Kitchen and you will see that you never knew anything about how great and versatile mayo really is.

My absolute favorite is the Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime but, their healthy “store-bought” mayo is just so darned expensive.  When you use mayo often, a $5 jar doesn’t last long. So of course, it’s better to come up with our own, cheaper, but still healthy version.

A Copy Cat Primal Kitchen’s Chipotle Lime Mayo?

Honestly though… I haven’t had theirs in awhile so I don’t know if mine tastes like theirs exactly.  Gonna have to test that out soon.

If you want to try it, I highly recommend the Primal Kitchen brand.

Buy it from Thrive Market to get a better price than most health food stores.





This mayo is good for everything! No Joke!

Fries, Chicken, Fish… most of all though (in my opinion) It is a SUPERB replacement for sour cream on tacos if you are avoiding dairy.

One of my favorite things to eat is a decked out crunchy taco – sour cream, meat, guacamole, salsa, cheese.  But, when you are trying to avoid dairy due to stomach issues or allergies – using this in place of sour cream and cheese really doesn’t make me miss the cheese AT all.

“My name is Britney, and I am a cheese-a-holic.”  “Hi, Britney!”

I am dumbfounded by my ability to like something without cheese on it – I have been a cheesaholic all of my life.  Actually, most dairy: all types of cheese, ice cream, milk etc.


ingredients on a counter for chipotle lime mayo, mayo in a jar, olive oil, egg, chives, chipotle seasoning, lime

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Chipotle Lime Mayo
may, or may not taste like the one from Primal Kitchen - just saying
Cuisine condiments
Prep Time 10 minutes
1 Jar
Cuisine condiments
Prep Time 10 minutes
1 Jar
  1. Put all the ingredients in order into a mason jar that is wide enough for an immersion blender to fit in
  2. insert the immersion blender all the way to the bottom of the jar - touching the bottom
  3. Stay there until you notice the mixture thickening and then slowly pull up to mix in the rest of the oil(there shouldn't be much left if you mixed at the bottom long enough) 
  4. I swirl mine around a bit just to be sure it's all mixed at the end - and then I taste test and add anything extra if needed.
Recipe Notes

There you have it- let me know what you think.  I may come back later to edit some things if I get my hands on a Primal Kitchen jar of mayonnaise to compare.


What can I use it for?

Well, you can use mayonnaise for anything that may require a creamy texture.  Try replacing sour cream with this mayonnaise when making my Best Tacos Ever

or, skip the chipotle, lime, chives and just make a plain mayo to be used when making dips, or sauces.

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