how to organize your earrings for less than $2

Earrings Organized The Cheap and Easy Way : less than $2

how to organize your earrings for less than $2

Let’s Get Creative

Before you think I have jumped off the food wagon, let me tell you this…. sometimes it’s fun to get creative with your kitchen gadgets.  Even to organize earrings.

I never used to be a girly girl… I used to wear the same earrings all the time; never really took them out of my ears except to clean them occasionally.  In the last couple of years though I have gotten really into collecting nerdy earrings:  Star wars, Dragon Ball, Dr. Who, D20s,  Harry Potter, etc.

That’s quite the collection of earrings…

I was getting a little fed up with having to spend five minutes every morning trying to find the matching pair to my earring as I am getting ready.  I used to keep all the earrings together in a cute little glass box buuuttttt, they started to increase more and more and it just got to be too much. They were all a jumbled mess in that thing, and honest to goodness I think I would spend upwards of 5 minutes trying to find the match to whatever I picked.  I got to a point where I just started mixing and matching my earrings.  Seriously though, I kinda like doing that lol.  Pair the lightning bolt with the deathly hallows… Vegeta with Goku…

Gotta get organized…

I was looking to buy an earring box, organizer: like a tackle box or something with compartments.  Everything I found was kinda pricey for a plastic box with compartments in my opinion. $10? $15? $20… Seriously?  Just because it was branded as an organizer for earrings it has to be this expensive?

So, being me (frugal and unable to justify spending money on stuff like that)… I was walking through the kitchen section of Walmart one day, ’cause you know, I always have to walk through the kitchen department lol.  I saw ice cube trays and my brain was on it that day and immediate lightbulb – HEY!… compartments!  So I looked, and a pack of two was literally less than $2.  Deal!

sterilite mainstays Walmart ice cube trays

Walmart’s website says they are out of stock but I just saw them in store the other day… so I am not sure.  However, you can get some pretty cheap off amazon too…

I think these Ice Cube Trays are the closest to the Walmart ones… though they are a few cents more than the others…

Or this 6 pack of trays would come out to being quite cheap when you realize they are only about $1 per tray.  You could even use them to store other items like necklaces, bracelets, cuff links for the guys, buttons, pins, beads, anything small really that you would want to separate.


And Theeeeen…

I was cleaning out the cabinets at work one day and found some  dusty old mini ice cube trays at the back of the cabinet under all the other junk that hadn’t been touched in years.  Score!  These are small enough that one pair of earrings fits in each hole.  So, I went with it and this is what happened…


earrings organized in ice cube trays

You can see the original ones I bought from Walmart in the back.  I was keeping more than one pair in each compartment but it was still SO much easier to pick a pair and go in the morning. 


mini ice cube trays from amazonThese are pretty similar to the ones I have.

Organized Perfection!

Everybody take a sigh of relief… deep breath in… ahhhhh…Order…. Love it!

The only thing I would like about them more is if they had lids… but I am keeping them in my vanity drawer so it’s fine.  However, you CAN buy ice cube trays with lids but, at that rate you might as well just buy the jewelry organizer ’cause the price is going up… just sayin’.

If you like something a little bit nicer that can sit out and look pretty,  I think this one would be nice to have.  Or you could go with something a little more  basic but on a larger scale with something a jewelry sales person would have – like this 40 compartment box.


Alright, well THAT was a short post wasn’t it?  Sometimes that’s all you need though… just to tell the world in a short post that sometimes you get creative with your organization.  Sometimes your so frugal that you would rather spend $2 instead of $10 to organize your earrings you know?

If I can help a fellow earring enthusiast out with this post, that’d make me feel really good. 😘😀


earrings organized in ice cube trays