Thanksgiving Guide Cover with Turkey and title

Thanksgiving Guide – Recipes For A Memorable Feast.

The BS Kitchen Guide To The Best Thanksgiving Ever!

This mini ebook is my first and is a compilation of all of the recipes that I personally use for my yearly holiday feast.  I am usually only cooking for 6 so if you have more family than that to accommodate for, you will want to double the recipes or triple depending.

The thanksgiving guide was sent to my email subscribers back in November, but don’t fret… you can still get it on Amazon. I have made it only $0.99 to download, and with that download, you can have a bunch of awesome recipes to use for any holiday feast: Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time of the year honestly.  Click the image below to go straight to the Thanksgiving guide mini e-book.

Thanksgiving Guide Cover with Turkey and title


A Feast To Remember, A Thanksgiving Guide

(More) Notes on the Best Thanksgiving Ever Guide:

Notes on Rolls Recipe :

If using fresh potatoes, I like to put them in the blender and really get them completely smooth and pureed like soup.  Also, the second round of flour, after the dough sits for 2 hours, is somewhere between 4 and 6 cups.  I have 2 cups written, but it is such a variable ingredient.  So much can affect the amount of flour needed: accurate measuring, environment, etc.    So, you may want to start with 4 cups and go from there.  The goal is to knead the dough for no more than 7 minutes total.  I use my dough hook on my stand mixer until the dough is not very sticky.  Then, I lay it out on the table with some extra flour and knead a bit by hand until the dough is smooth.



I used ghee for pretty much every recipe from this Thanksgiving guide this year, and no one noticed any difference.  Ghee is just clarified butter that has been boiled to remove the dairy proteins.  Ghee is perfect for people with dairy sensitivity, but if you have a dairy allergy you may still want to avoid it and try Earth Balance of something else similar.   Go by what your doctor says obviously, and through your own best judgment because only YOU know you best.

Is it really the same as butter?

If you get the right kind of ghee (my favorite is Nanaki Pure Desi Ghee, I get mine from the Indian Grocery Store but you can also get it on Amazon for about the same price), it will essentially taste no different than butter when mixed into the food.   Ghee works fine as long as you keep in mind that it can be very oily.

While I was making the sweet potatoes, I didn’t pay enough attention, so the oil separated from the sugar mixture.  The casserole still tasted great even though I had to drain the oil off.  If you are using canned sweet potatoes, the syrup should be drained first, or the casserole will be too liquidy.


I didn’t really feel like the turkey was AS juicy as usual this year.  Ghee was used instead of butter this year to slather the turkey.  I wondered if that had something to do with the lack of juiciness in the turkey meat.  The issue most likely was that I accidentally turned off the over about 2 hours into the cook time.  The problem with the temp wasn’t realized until about an hour later when the turkey was supposed to be done.  The turkey wasn’t even hot anymore by the time the timer went off.  I am thinking that the oven fiasco is what caused the dryness.  Even though the bird was still good, that temp issue really threw off the final product overall.